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Startup Alliance tries to introduce companies with high technological components and, at times, recent creation in a simple, practice, dynamic and flexible form in the spanish market. At the same time, we are the reference distributor for these companies in the spanish market or others who requires marketing  and distribution services in order to reach that market. We represent the connection between companies with different popular traditions and cultures but in the same way to create business development and technological power. To reach these objectives we are formed by:

Team: Startup Alliance gets a professional and multidisciplinary team suitable to develop and introduce recent creation companies and brands. Inside our team you can find economists, multimedia managers, editors, community managers, developers, support assistants and after-sales support. In short, we offer you packs based on the business needs and its product development. It doesn’t require hiring employers and neither creating paperwork  or contact with legal advisors, fiscals, etc. There we have a professional a humane compromise, focused in motivate the evolution of the technological companies.

Contacts / clients: Because of our extend clients and leads agenda we can introduce any technological product and realise any testing without risks for the company, neither expensive markets nor demanding grants. In record time. You only need the documents and certifications, without commercial delegations, just with real plans.

Principles and social commitment: Due to a formal structure, one of our main goals is to progress in the reinforcement of the spanish product in a professional, direct and personalised way. The training of a young and dynamic team accents the excellence of having employers with professional incentives and enthusiastic behaviors. Together we are creating an exceptional work ambiance according to reach individual and collective objectives. Our ethical principles help to transform Startup Alliance in a company with the ability to satisfy our team and clients. Finally, all the elements get focus in a collective effort to help interested companies and spanish markets evolving in the easiest way. We are a business example founded in the continuous evolution of the internal structure in order to get the suitable social reflection, based in business profitability, true dialogue and immediate communication.

Careers line

If you are a proactive person, like to be in young teams, want to work in technological startups & companies and have experience in commercial or communications areas, we are looking for you. Here you will have the opportunity of growing up with great projects.

This is our team