Dont’ let the smartphone eat your life: Five advices to slow down

We live actually in a completely technological life depended by technological devices. Marketing Directo has brought an article to show users how to develop healthy habits. With them, we will divide work and personal life, so we can’t mix them. Here are the right points:

1. Don’t put the phone on the table during a meeting. We can pay attention to the conversation if we save it in our pocket or in the bag.

2. Disable the push up notifications.  The massive accumulation of alerts can cause a high level of anxiety and it can provoque negative effects in our mental  or physical health.

3. Join all the icons into a common folder. We will check those contents when we have time to do. With this instruction, we can avoid being pendant of the latest news. 

4. Turn off the device in the right moment. That’s the key to have a self comfort, so we can give more space to another activities like being with our family or friends.

5. Call people. Start to use the phone like a phone. Relations between direct dialogue are stronger than chats or mailing messages.

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