Startup Alliance upload its videos with the new platform “Arkena”

This morning was held at the office of Startup Alliance, in Murcia, the training session of the new video management platform that we will use, Arkena. This platform has the most developed and advanced technology of video and Internet TV market. It is a leader in Europeand one of the most important platform in the world. Arkena offers better storage and video search and broadcast in high definition and even live. I is a platform recognized by prestigious manage and produce the WB TV companies like Volvo,Volkswagen, Subaru, World Health Organization, NASA, Lego, Carlsberg and Sony Ericsson. In Startup Alliance committed to technology and the latest developments in the market for our product development. As a result you can enjoy the videos on this platform dumps on our website and in our Twitter and Facebook with the highest quality. You can also find videos of Startup Alliance channel on Youtube.