Sell your photos in Spain with Scoopshot App

There’s a new App giving smartphone users the opportunity to make money just by taking pictures. Startup Alliance brings Scoopshop, and is available to iOs and Android operative systems.

Just download the Scoopshot App, snap a pic, and a company could buy it from you so they can use it. You can take photos of a newsworthy event or try to fulfill a company’s assignment on the technologic app.

For example, the airline FinnAir asked Scoopshot users to share the best part of their flight through creative photos. The pictures you see here were taken on smartphones and purchased by the airline for $14.12 each.

You’re competing against other smartphone users just like you. Scoopshot says you have a “good chance” of selling if it’s creative and you follow directions. How much money you might make varies.

The app has half a million users worldwide and 50,000 in the U.S.

Scoopshot says the photographer always needs to have the permission of someone in a photo if it’s used commercially.