Scoopshot has a world record

The finnish company Scoopshot achieves a new world speed record in getting more than 60 photos of ‘scoopshoters’ within three minutes.

London is the protagonist of this new accomplishment. The London Evening Standard diary published last month a Scoopshot task in which users got incited to share their day-to-day in the british city with the technological app. Thanks to this social call, more than 60 users shared with the diary their routines: ilustrate the first coffee of the morning, the usual way to work or who are the citizens the users meet at the subway.

This achieve of Scoopshot gives one step more in the interaction of media companies with users. This way, Scoopshot will be available soon in the spanish media. Startup Alliance will work to launch the first tasks, making easier new increasing routes and expanding technological business in the national market.

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