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Uplause Ltd is Finnish game company, which has created a brand new gametype – a crowd game. Uplause crowd games are developed for large events, where the crowd can participate in this interactive game. Uplause calls this gametype as Massively Multiplayer Crowd Playing Game (MMCPG).

The main principle of the game is that everyone can play. The joystick for the game is your hands and voice – claps and cheers. Also different accessories like, towels, thundersticks, etc. are possible. The participation of the whole crowd will create a truly unique and social experience that will be remembered.

The idea of the game is based on founders vision, that by participating together in game missions, the crowd can increase the atmosphere in the event in remarkable way.

Strong game structure with scores and prizes will make it easier to participate and it also encourages the crowd to even better performances.

Interactive game in large event creates an interesting channel for sponsors and event partners to reach target audience in new and unique way.

This is Uplause


Uplause X Games

Uplause at the X Games Austin 2014

Thousand of people have been involved at the X Games. Adrenaline, speed and risk have been the ingredients to make an enjoyable day. Best professionals in skateboarding, BMX and rally were at the most important event in extreme sports. Know more about Uplause in: http://thestartupalliance.com/customers/uplause/