Welcome to Scoopshot

We want to make unique and authentic photography available for everyone! The photo buyers can easily acquire creative and unique still and video images and the photographers can get rewarded for their best photos.

The proprietary Scoopshot® software solution, fully developed by the company founders and the passionate Scoopshot team of 15 members, provides a simple yet effective solution for streamlining crowdsourced photography content and creating innovative mobile campaigns globally and locally. Our team is constantly innovating, developing and improving the existing service.


Quality journalism is very important to an informed society. We want to make our contribution to that by providing rich, unique and authenticated user generated still and video images to supplement the excellent editorial content of our media partners. Therefore we have developed a patent-pending technology that automatically analyzes the authenticity of user-generated content (UGC). From the time a photo or video is captured with the app, we know the “who, when, where” of its existence. This helps media companies focus upon content itself, not spending effort in authentication.

Safety and Responsibility

We insist that the photographer abides by law and good practice and exercises caution when taking the photo. The photographer must ensure that all applicable laws have been followed when taking the photo. Scoopshot does not by any means encourage the photographer to break any laws, provisions or to endanger his/her own health and safety, or the health and safety of others, when taking the photo.

Photo rights

Scoopshot respects the original photographer’s rights. Photos that are for sale in the Scoopshot ecosystem are protected and cannot be used without buying appropriate publishing rights. When a photo or video is purchased, the photographer receives a notification directly to their smartphone. All photos, while they are in the Scoopshot ecosystem, are however freely viewable and shareable by all.

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