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CaddieON is a product of CaddieON Inc. The company was founded in July 2012 by a passionate golfer, Tuomo Lalli and a seasoned technologist, Juha Pikkarainen who wanted to make playing even more enjoyable experience.

CaddieON was thought to enjoy and improver the game. The application allows you to: automatic tracking of your data, satellite maps and GPS-base rangefinder and sophisticate player statistics and sharing.

The product comprises:

- CaddieOn identification tags for your clubs: Stick RFID tags onto your clubs and make them smart. Tags enable automatic tracking of club used for each stroke.

- CaddieOn wrist device: a sleek, lightweight wrist device with timeless look tracks every stroke you make and clubs you use. Just press the power button to swith on, pair with your mobile phone and you are ready to go. No need to press buttons during the play – all game data is tracked automatically.

- CaddieOn Application: select the course & game and tee off! The application automatically scores your round and you can fully focus on the game. Shows satellite map view of the fairway and accurate GPS-based distances to water hazards, bunkers, and more. Check your results and get guidance for optimal playing strategy.

- CaddieOn Player Portal: visit the player portal after the round to view sophisticated player statistics and informative graphical reports of your game.

Compare your results against other players. Share your rounds with others and comment on your friends’ game – also on Facebook. Keep all your game data stored in one place, see your progress, and areas to improve.

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