Today it’s the end of the Scoopshot #secondtask!

If you haven’t sent yet your #amaneceroatardecer picture, hurry up! Today the task will close at 20pm. Tomorrow we will publish the winner on our social network and website. Remember, with only one photo you can win the prize of 35 euros. If you need more information, visit


Photographers can win a prize

Get 35 euros and feel the sunrise or the twilight…We are looking for the best artistic picture related with your sunrise or twilight! Feel the sunlight and freeze the perfect moment with the best creativity and maximum expressive quality.

Remember! You have until the 31th Thursday to participate in the #amaneceroatardecer

Register in Scoopshot and you will know the winner the next 1st August in the Startup Alliance website and social network

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The next #Scoopshot task is running!

From the Finnish company we have received the new activity for Scoopshot users: take photos of the best places in #London. Which are yours? Follow all the Scoopshot news in


Startup Alliance ends its first Scoopshot task

Under the title “Tell us where are you enjoying your holidays!” users have answered to the strategy with more than 65 photos. “Scoopshoters” from Spain, Frande, Denmark, EEUU or South Corea have participated with Startup Alliance. Know more in

Scoopshot interfaz

User Generated Content in Scoopshot

UGC is one of the main information sources actually. In reference with Scoopshot, almost 58% of readers “prefer newspapers which publish pictures taken by users”, according to the website.

Visit Scoopshot at: and discover how to become a #freelance photographer with Scoopshot!

Photo by Pulzo

The colombian journal Pulzo uses Scoopshot

The World Cup 2014 has been the perfect event to the Journal Pulzo in order to start using Scoopshot. The app has been promoted through its website, so users can participate and earn 10 dollars for the best pictures.

There are also tasks generated by Pulzo for let to know the most renowned events or subjects related to the sports event. In their website they remember users to download previously the app to use it in iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

“Pulzo will also generate tasks and you will receive a notification on your smartphone to know the most important subjects you are interested in. Don’t forget to tag the pictures to bee more visible in the app”, its confirmed in the journal.

scoopshot mundial

Scoopshoters at the World Cup 2014

Spectators all around the world used Scoopshot to capture big moments lived wit the app in Brasil. You can now take your pictures and share your best photo of the World Cup next matches with the hashtags #WorldCup2014, #scoopshot and #startupalliance. In addition to enjoy the moment, if your photo is one of the selected ones you can earn money using the Scoopshot app.

These are some of the examples of users photos:

foto mundial 3 foto mundial

foto mundial 4


Scoopshot at the GEN Summit

One year more, Barcelona was this weekend the capital of new tendencies of digital journalism. Scoopshot was there to show firstly the company to all the assistants. The CCCB, Contemporain Culture Center of Barcelona, was the place where more than 15 companies analyzed the results of users experience in their websites at the GEN Summit 2014. Digital sites like Softonic were in the city to show all the results, as important as Scoopshot and its revolutionary system of sharing citizens photos.

Eric Sievereld, Vice President of Scoopshot, had a stand to show the guests the running of the app in their phones. There were as much foreign visitors as spanish future clients. Therefore, the results of the GEN Summit were awesome.

Two guys of the sales team in Startup Alliance, Fátima C. and Fran B.,  were there to help Eric promoting Scoopshot with the spanish guests. So that, Startup Alliance is increasing its influence rate in the spanish technological industry.


Scoopshot has a world record

The finnish company Scoopshot achieves a new world speed record in getting more than 60 photos of ‘scoopshoters’ within three minutes.

London is the protagonist of this new accomplishment. The London Evening Standard diary published last month a Scoopshot task in which users got incited to share their day-to-day in the british city with the technological app. Thanks to this social call, more than 60 users shared with the diary their routines: ilustrate the first coffee of the morning, the usual way to work or who are the citizens the users meet at the subway.

This achieve of Scoopshot gives one step more in the interaction of media companies with users. This way, Scoopshot will be available soon in the spanish media. Startup Alliance will work to launch the first tasks, making easier new increasing routes and expanding technological business in the national market.

scoopshot twitter