CaddieON has come to Spain

CaddieON is a product of the company CaddieON Inc founded in July 2012 by the golfer Tuomo Lalli and the technical manager Juha Pikkarainen. Their goal is to make the experience of playing golf more enjoyable and provide an innovative product. CaddieON is a product that allows automated tracking of each statistic, due to the digital sensors that attach the wrist, made like a watch , with linking data in real time with a mobile application.

The product has been tested in Alicante, Spain, with the golf player Toumo Lalli and the Startup Alliance team. The results were very great.  This mobile application allows you to view all the golf course through a satellite map on which  you can visualize the distance to the green, obstructions or any other point in the game. In addition the results are automatically updated without touching any buttons. Therefore provides statistics of players, a real-time to control the tempo of the groups and can also identify areas of the field where the game is slower. Then you can see the statistics in a webside and share this with other players in your social networks.

You can find more about CaddieON in Twitter, Facebook or in our Youtube Channel