Today it’s the end of the Scoopshot #secondtask!

If you haven’t sent yet your #amaneceroatardecer picture, hurry up! Today the task will close at 20pm. Tomorrow we will publish the winner on our social network and website. Remember, with only one photo you can win the prize of 35 euros. If you need more information, visit


Get to know the #salesandcommercial department

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Switch on your #CaddieOn wrist device

Synchronize your #CaddieOn wrist with each golf club. Get close the sticks to your wrist and prepare the material to play the first holes. Continue getting info about CaddieOn on


Which are the #copywriters work instruments?

Viral content and words are the main instruments for the daily work of a copywriter. As tells #MarketingDirecto, texts are the essence for the good marketing, and, for that, you should keep in mind a few patterns to catch audience. Here there are:

1. Users are titulars lovers that include numbers and get directly to users.

2. Work with superlative words.

3. Brief and simple. A text must adjust to quality and not to quantity.

4. The great formule to make a titular is: numbers+adjetive+noun+objective+promise.

5. 100% of users prefer visual content instead of paragraphs of text. It’s necessary to know how to supplement both sides multimedia content.

6. The reader must interact with texts, so we’ll pay attention to comments on the website and set up the possibility to share the publications on social network.

7. The perfect text on the net must include: sharing social buttons, comments space, appointments, embed videos, checklists, advices and answers to audience questions.

8. Know how to choose the right moment to share the content on the Internet. We should know which are the best activity hours on the digital communities.

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Dont’ let the smartphone eat your life: Five advices to slow down

We live actually in a completely technological life depended by technological devices. Marketing Directo has brought an article to show users how to develop healthy habits. With them, we will divide work and personal life, so we can’t mix them. Here are the right points:

1. Don’t put the phone on the table during a meeting. We can pay attention to the conversation if we save it in our pocket or in the bag.

2. Disable the push up notifications.  The massive accumulation of alerts can cause a high level of anxiety and it can provoque negative effects in our mental  or physical health.

3. Join all the icons into a common folder. We will check those contents when we have time to do. With this instruction, we can avoid being pendant of the latest news. 

4. Turn off the device in the right moment. That’s the key to have a self comfort, so we can give more space to another activities like being with our family or friends.

5. Call people. Start to use the phone like a phone. Relations between direct dialogue are stronger than chats or mailing messages.

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Photographers can win a prize

Get 35 euros and feel the sunrise or the twilight…We are looking for the best artistic picture related with your sunrise or twilight! Feel the sunlight and freeze the perfect moment with the best creativity and maximum expressive quality.

Remember! You have until the 31th Thursday to participate in the #amaneceroatardecer

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The next #Scoopshot task is running!

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