Paul McCartney Performs At The Joint At The Hard Rock

Paul McCartney’s concert with Scoopshot

In April, the dairy journal published a post in order to animate users yo use the Scoopshot app in a concert of Paul McCartney in Quito, Ecuador. The website said that “they will buy the photos of those users who will use the app” to get photos of the ex-Beatles, in the middle of his worldwide gig.

We hope this is one step of the introduction of Scoopshot in the music industry. We will see more concerts and festivals in Spain through the lens of smartphones due to Scoopshot and Startup Alliance.


CaddieOn test in Villamartin Golf Club, Alicante

Startup Alliance is running CaddieOn this evening a new testing at Club de Golf Villamartin. The team will be formed by our golf player, Belén Buendía and she will play with the Norwegian golf player Jan Sorensen. Players can enjoy the benefits of technology CaddieON to develop his game. The purpose of this meeting is to learn more about the operation of the product and learn more about the advantages of its use to the future introduction in the Spanish market.

In the coming days you will learn more about this meeting. We remind you that you can findthe latest news by visiting this website or our profiles on networks TwitterFacebook.


Startup Alliance upload its videos with the new platform “Arkena”

This morning was held at the office of Startup Alliance, in Murcia, the training session of the new video management platform that we will use, Arkena. This platform has the most developed and advanced technology of video and Internet TV market. It is a leader in Europeand one of the most important platform in the world. Arkena offers better storage and video search and broadcast in high definition and even live. I is a platform recognized by prestigious manage and produce the WB TV companies like Volvo,Volkswagen, Subaru, World Health Organization, NASA, Lego, Carlsberg and Sony Ericsson. In Startup Alliance committed to technology and the latest developments in the market for our product development. As a result you can enjoy the videos on this platform dumps on our website and in our Twitter and Facebook with the highest quality. You can also find videos of Startup Alliance channel on Youtube.


Kymira launches new products

The career of the finnish company is now destinated to sell new sport clothes. The recent contract with Startup Alliance goes one step further with the confirmation of these new products in the future spanish market. This season spring/summer Kymira will launch a list of new articles destinated to fans of cycling and running. The most renowned are:

- Rowing all-in-ones

- Cycle shorts and tops

- Tri Suits


CaddieON has come to Spain

CaddieON is a product of the company CaddieON Inc founded in July 2012 by the golfer Tuomo Lalli and the technical manager Juha Pikkarainen. Their goal is to make the experience of playing golf more enjoyable and provide an innovative product. CaddieON is a product that allows automated tracking of each statistic, due to the digital sensors that attach the wrist, made like a watch , with linking data in real time with a mobile application.

The product has been tested in Alicante, Spain, with the golf player Toumo Lalli and the Startup Alliance team. The results were very great.  This mobile application allows you to view all the golf course through a satellite map on which  you can visualize the distance to the green, obstructions or any other point in the game. In addition the results are automatically updated without touching any buttons. Therefore provides statistics of players, a real-time to control the tempo of the groups and can also identify areas of the field where the game is slower. Then you can see the statistics in a webside and share this with other players in your social networks.

You can find more about CaddieON in Twitter, Facebook or in our Youtube Channel


Startup Alliance at the Broadcast International Lounge

Our team spent the time yesterday at the international lounge of audiovisual products. It was an enjoyable and different working day put aside for the increase of new products in the technological business.

Technological TV hardware, HD cameras… there were so many new brands and products that will change the evolution of the present programs and other audiovisual projects. We had the opportunity to know more about new broadcast materials and supports. One of this is Alfalite; The company has experience in development of illumination displays with LED technology.

In conclusion, the Broadcast 2014 has got an excellent reception. We hope that Startup Alliance will start its journey at this International Lounge for the next edition.


Sell your photos in Spain with Scoopshot App

There’s a new App giving smartphone users the opportunity to make money just by taking pictures. Startup Alliance brings Scoopshop, and is available to iOs and Android operative systems.

Just download the Scoopshot App, snap a pic, and a company could buy it from you so they can use it. You can take photos of a newsworthy event or try to fulfill a company’s assignment on the technologic app.

For example, the airline FinnAir asked Scoopshot users to share the best part of their flight through creative photos. The pictures you see here were taken on smartphones and purchased by the airline for $14.12 each.

You’re competing against other smartphone users just like you. Scoopshot says you have a “good chance” of selling if it’s creative and you follow directions. How much money you might make varies.

The app has half a million users worldwide and 50,000 in the U.S.

Scoopshot says the photographer always needs to have the permission of someone in a photo if it’s used commercially.



Startup Alliance and Peek in a brainstorming

Brainstroming in Startup Alliance to get some ideas for Peek

This morning we are having a brainstorming for Peek in the office with the founders of this great app. Startup Alliance team is working out to get new ideas. There are a lot of them to promote the technologic application in Murcia.

Some of these new ideas include video-chat with famous people, exclusive content like teasers, cooking receipes, recommendations about what they read, music that they hear or another hobbies that they have and even competition with fans or challenges.

You can get these new functionalities soon, and new interesting people in the app. Visit our customers page to know more about this.


Peek founders visit Murcia

The founders of the finish company have visited Murcia this morning. The objective: they’re promoting the app in our country and offering new information about how it works. In collaboration with the Startup Alliance team,  the two companies have occuped their time in learning more about the app, offering new ideas about the promotion and the planning of its running in the spanish market.

Actually, users can log in Peek demo version without payments. Founders have marked that artists and famous clients will sign an exclusivity contract. It will guarantee the protection of contents, in such a way that it won’t appear any content of the client in any social network or app else. The  acccount will stay safe and active.

Peek goes to famous people and managers who will  be the responsable of the promotion and content of the account. In conclusion they got money fo it.

You can actually download the app in iOS systems and also in Android devices.

Startup Alliance team with Peek founders

Startup Alliance - Scoopshot

84 pictures in 24 hours

Startup Alliance - Scoopshot

After 24 hours we have closed our first task sent in Spain by our Startup Alliance’s Sales Manager Fátima Cantó. In just 24 hours we have  received 84 pictures and we have bought one. Amazing results and awesome technologic app that you should be trying out just now.